iPhone 8 Manuals and User Guide

Apple has always provided the lead when it comes to making of smartphone. They often provided the benchmark, which other phone makers would follow. Recently there is rumor making round the company that the new iPhone 8 will hit the market in 2017. The company will celebrate ten active years of the production of iPhones. The expectation is that apple will mark it with the launching of iPhone 8 Manual sometime (June or September) in 2017.

There have been many speculations and iphone 8 leaks, expectations as to what the new phone would be called, what it would look like, as well as the design, and important feature updates and so on. Until the company comes forward to make a categorical statement, there would be no end to the speculations until the new product enters the market, if it will make it at all in 2017 as canvassed in some informed quarters.

iPhone 8 Features (Rumors)

iPhone 8 Features and Design

While nobody is sure of the shape and features of the next in the iPhone series from apples, one thing is certain and that it is going to feature high-end values. Apple has never compromised on quality and functionality in their various products and it is expected that the same standard would be maintained in the upcoming iPhone 8 to be released. Everybody is certain that the new phone would feature an impressive performance and that it is going to outdo its predecessors in terms of performance.

At any time, it is assumed that iPhone makers would be testing various kinds of prototype iPhone 8 Manual and models. Because of that, nobody can say with certainty what the new apple product is going to look like. Rumors and conflicting information are making it impossible for reviewers to have a common understanding of what the new iPhone would look like when it is eventually launched on the market.

iPhone 8 Manual and Specifications

Some people believe that the design is going to be remarkably different from what used to be in the last few editions. This means that there could be an elaborate redesign. The aim may be to make it remarkably different. Moreover, it is expected that the display technology would be superior to what is already available in the country.

There is an unsubstantiated rumor that it may feature camera and touch ID, which would be built directly on the display. If this is anything to go by, then it means that the new phone may not feature a home button.

There is also speculation that the charging technique would be different from what is used to be. It is rumored that the new iPhone 8 may feature a wireless charging system. This would be a great innovation if it becomes a reality.

Impeccable Design

iPhone 8 Features and Design

If the company were to stick to the edge-to-edge sleek design of the new phone as it is currently speculated, then there would be changes in the display (read iPhone 8 Manual). It is expected that its display is going to take over the whole screen of the phone front. If that is to become a reality, then it is expected that apple is going to use a larger display screen, which would be at least 5.5 inches, and it could even be larger than that. There are insinuations among tech experts that the new apple iPhone 8 could display in flexible OLED and not on LCD technology.

Because of this assumption, such experts assume that the new phone could be thinner in size and that it is going to take less power.


It is expected that the new phone is to be constructed on 10-nano nanometer processor. Because of this, rumors have it that TSMC has already begun the process of taping out the design as it is expected to be built on A11 chip. The same rumor speculated that the first phase of the design process could be completed within 2016. In the way, the certification of the new processor that is 10-Nanometer could be done within 2016 and that it would be sent to the company to have it validated within the first quarter of 2017.

Wireless charging was mentioned in passing above. One of the greatest features one should expect from this new apple phone if the rumors are indeed true is the wireless charging system. Rumors have been rife for a very longtime that Apple has been experimenting on wireless charging. It is expected that the new charging technology would be experimented for the first time in 2017. This would be superior to the present charging technology available in that industry.

Name and iPhone 8 Release Date

Going by the naming tradition of the company, our team from this iOS Manuals is expected that the new Apple phone could be named iPhone 8 Plus or it would be named iPhone 8. As to the date the new phone would enter the market, it is assumed that it could be around September 2017.

It is expected that the new apple phone would offer the best to its users in terms of features, performance, and design.