How Do I Manually Carrier Update iPhone Setting?

Have you seen a Carrier Settings Update appear on an iPhone 7 or cellular connected iPad with iOS 10? If you have never seen this notification before, you may be wary of updating. However, carrier update iPhone notifications are nothing to fear. An iPhone carrier update may be needed to make sure there are no issues or problems with dropped calls, missing texts, and other carrier-related options.

Carrier Update Settings Explained

A carrier update iPhone download usually consists of a small set of files that need to be installed on devices that are connected to a cellular network. This will include an iPhone or iPad. If you have an iPhone 7 or iPad running iOS 10, an iPhone carrier update may be needed after the device is set up. Updates for an iPad or iPhone will often enhance performance or add new features. An update may also be needed if a carrier has plans to add new areas of LTE service to their network.

How Do I Manually Carrier Update iPhone Setting

An iPhone carrier update can also be released to fix a problem or bug. This was the case in September, when a carrier update for T-Mobile caused an issue with cellular service. Users were sent a new carrier update to fix the problem. Swapping out a SIM card for an iPhone 7 may also require a carrier settings update on the device.

Updating Carrier Settings

The process to update the carrier settings is typically automatic as a notification should appear on a device when an iPhone carrier update is needed. However, you can also check to see if a new carrier update iPhone download is available and download it manually.

Click the Settings – General – About to see if a carrier update is available. This process is the same for any iPad running iOS 10. an iPhone 7, or older iPhone versions.

How Are Carrier Update iPhone Delivered?

An iPhone carrier update is typically sent by Apple or a carrier partner. This will be the provider which is providing the cellular service for your iPhone or cellular connected iPad. Users will typically receive a push notification when a carrier update iPhone download is needed. Another way you could be alerted when an iPhone carrier update is needed is when you connect your device to iTunes.

If you think there are any problems or issues with your iPhone 7 or iPad, like voicemail not working or calls are dropping, a carrier settings update may be available. Checking for an update is something that you are easily able to do before contacting Apple or your provider for assistance.

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