How To Get iPad Battery Replacement?

Do you have an iPad that was recently upgraded to iOS 10 and notice that the battery does not appear to hold a charge for very long? Quick battery drain on devices like the iPad Mini or iPad Pro is not uncommon, especially after upgrading to iOS 10.1.1. However, if the iPad cannot turn on or cannot hold a charge, iPad battery replacement may be needed.


Quick Tips

Make sure you are giving your iPad enough time to fully charge. You may also want to make sure your Lightning cable is not defective and the wall adapter is functioning normally. If everything seems to be working properly, the next step is to consider iPad battery replacement.

Requesting Battery Service

Go to the Apple Battery Support page to start a new service request. This is the only option if you have an iPad Air 2 or any other iPad version that does not hold a charge. You will need to decide if you want to start a chat session or schedule an appointment at an Apple Retail Store. The best option for you will be to see a Genius at an Apple Retail Store to get your iPad battery replaced.

Diagnostic tests will be run on your iPad to see if the battery is indeed defective. A damaged iPad often needs additional repairs that will include an additional fee. Additional fees should not apply if the iPad is covered by an Apple Care warranty.

How Long Do Repairs Take?


Standard iPad battery replacement will generally take between three and five business days. The repair time may vary based on the day of the week. If your iPad is under warranty, you may get a replacement iPad instead of a new battery. The replacement iPad will be similar to your old unit.

What Does iPad Battery Replacement Cost?

If you pay for Apple Care, replacement coverage is included if an iPad battery is defective. No charges apply for a device that is covered under an Apple Care warranty. If you have an iPad Pro or some other model that is included in Apple Care, the cost will be $99. A $6.95 shipping fee will also apply if the device needs to be sent to Apple for iPad battery replacement.

Make sure you perform a backup of your iPad Air 2 or other model before taking it in for repairs. You should backup any images and other data you do not want to lose.

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