Fixing iPad Won’t Connect To WiFi Problem

Have you purchased a new iPad Pro or recently upgraded to iOS 10 and are having problems with WiFi connections? iPad won’t connect to WiFi problem is really distracting. An active Internet connection is necessary to use apps and other functions that are on the device. If you have an iPad that won’t connect to WiFi, there are a few steps you can take to correct the problem. So just read this article until the end.


Restart the Device

A simple restart of the device might be all that is needed when an iPad won’t connect to WiFi. There may be times when the device hangs or stops responding. Beside, restarting the device will also reset the modem on the iPad.

A reset of the iPad may also be an option if you have upgraded an iPad Pro or iPad Mini to IOS 10.1.1.

Reset WiFi Connection

If your iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini can’t connect to WiFi, the connection may be broken. A simple reset could be needed to restore the connection. Go to Settings – WiFi in iOS 10 and in older versions to turn the WiFi off and back on.

Renew IP Lease

The IP address used by an iPad is saved when the device connects to WiFi. Sometimes the IP address may be too old and will need to be renewed. This is a simple process that can easily be done on an iPad running iOS 10. So you just need to click the Renew Lease option for your network in Settings – WiFi.

Forget the Network

Reestablishing a connection to your WiFi network is the best solution to fix an iPad won’t connect to WiFi problem. Then simply click Forget Network for your network in Settings – WiFi. You then need to reconnect to the WiFi network to reestablish the connection.

Reset Network Settings

An iPad Pro or older device that has been upgraded to iOS 10 may not connect to a WiFi network. Therefor this can easily be resolved by resetting the network settings for the iPad. The only downside is you will lose all your Wi-Fi passwords. Go to Settings – General – Reset – Reset Network Settings to do a reset for a new or old iPad.

Check the Router

If you have an iPad won’t connect to WiFi problem at home, one of the first things you may want to do is check if other devices have a problem. When more than one device can’t connect to a home network, the router may be the problem. Sometimes a frozen Internet connection can be fixed by doing a reset of the router. As the result, the wifi won’t connect.

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