How To Fix iPad Not Charging Problem

iPads are most widely used tablets in the world. Their charging problems are, however, a bone of contention with these devices. Many customers do complain of that their iPads do not charge correctly and even when charged, the power is too easily drained. Most users do not realize that the charging problem is one that they can take care of by themselves. The ‘iPad not charging problem could develop for more than one reason. Finding out the reason that your personal device is not charging should help you fix it. Before you contact Apple’s help service, here are a few things that you can try:

Restart your Phone

When it appears that your phone is not charging, your first move should be to force a restart from the device. Rebooting your device ensures some bad bits are discarded. To do this, you should press and hold down the power button that is either on the side or on top of your device. While pressing the power button, press the Home button and the screen should start going off and getting darker. Hold both buttons down until the device, iPad or iPhone shuts down and restarts. You should release the buttons when the phone restarts and the Apple logo appears on your screen.

Ensure That You Use Apple Certified Accessories

Make sure that you use a Lightning Connector that is Apple Certified. Some accessories will be MFi ( Made for iDevice) certified which should be a green light, but they do not always pair with Apple devices. Also, ensure that your cable has not been damaged. If it is damaged even though it may not appear so, it will not work. You can switch cables or ports to solve the issue. Sometimes it may just be the port, or the cable won’t work with your iDevice. For iOS10, you can troubleshoot the problem.

Restore your Device in iTunes.

iTune restoration is one of the harder fixes that one can try. Restoring your iPad or iPhone in iTunes is safer than trying to do so on iCloud. iTunes saves you the trouble of having to offload, reinstall and reload data onto your device as iCloud would. Restoring your device gets rid of bugs that a forced restart would not be able to do. Everything will go faster if you decide on restoration than most other methods. For restoration, you should connect your device to a Mac or Windows PC. Select the ‘Device’ tab at the top. Select ‘Backup’ and wait for it to finish. After backing up select ‘Restore’ and wait for its completion. After that, you are good to go.

Contact Apple To Fix iPhone, iPod and iPad Not Charging Problem

When all else fails, you can contact Apple and have them help you fix your charging problems. Reaching out to Apple should be an answer of last resort after all you have tried has refused to work. There may be something wrong with your phone that may require a specialist to discover. You can visit an Apple store or call them to get mail repair.

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