How to Block Ads On IOS Devices

Have you recently upgraded your iOS device to iOS 10.1.1? or are you thinking about getting an iPhone 7 or an iPad? You need to know about how to block ads on iOS devices. Something you may want to consider is taking steps to secure your privacy when using free apps that are ad supported or when browsing the web. The best way to do this is to install an iOS ad blocker on your device. Take a look at few iOS content blocker apps that are available for any device with iOS 10.


1Blocker – Free

This is a free app that will block ads, trackers, and other types of annoying content when browsing the web using the Safari web browser. There are over 40.000 blockers that are pre-installed. One of the big reasons to use this iOS ad blocker is it helps save bandwidth, battery life, and data use.

AdGuard – Free

This is one of the best iOS 10 ad blocker apps available for any iOS 10 device. The app is free and is a terrific option to help speed up web browsing and help secure your privacy. You will never need to see annoyances like popups, banners, and video ads again. Popular adblock filter subscriptions can also be added.

Adblock Plus (ABP) – Free

This app can be used on any device running iOS 10, like an iPad or an iPhone 7. Adblock Plus is one of the most popular iOS content blockers available. Users who have installed this app will never see any ads that contain hidden malware that is trying to obtain personal information. You will also find that battery life will be improved and more of your data will be saved when the iOS Adblock Plus app is installed.

Firefox Focus – Free

Do you want to use a browser other than Safari on an iPhone 7S or brand new iPad? You will find that web pages will load faster when you use an iOS 10 ad blocker browser app. This app removes trackers used by marketers and automatically blocks all types of ads. Removing ads and trackers will also help improve web browsing as pages will load faster.

Better by – $4.99

Have you installed an iOS ad blocker app only to see that ads eventually reappear on websites you like to visit? Some websites use blocker blockers to get around iOS content blocker apps, so ads will appear on a user’s screen. This app blocker these blocker blockers that can put your privacy at risk.

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