Easy Lock Screen Settings For iOS 10

There are quite a few changes and enhancements that are included in iOS 10. The first thing that you will probably see is a very different iOS lock screen. Review some of the most common settings to get a better idea of how to navigate the lock screen for your iOS device. It is the time for you to know lock screen setting for iOS 10.


Accessing the Lock Screen

The process to access the lock screen on an iPhone 7 or iPad running iOS 10 can be done by using one of three methods. You can use the “Raise to Wake” feature which simply means lifting the device up to view the screen. Another option is to click the Sleep/Wake button on the device. The third method is to press your finger on the Home button.

Unlocking Your Phone

The method to unlock an iPhone 7 is the same as unlocking an iPad with a touch sensor. You just need to press your finger on the home button when on the lock screen to get to the main screen. If you have an older iPad or iPhone, you can press the Home button twice. A pass code also needs to be entered.

Access the Camera

The iPhone 7 or an iPad with iOS 10 has a new gesture feature to access the camera when you are on the lock screen. Just press your finger anywhere on the screen to initialize the lock screen and then use a left swipe. The camera is now ready to use.

Access the Today View Widgets

Accessing the Today View widgets on an iPad with iOS ten or an iPhone 7 is similar to how the camera is accessed. Instead of swiping left on the iOS lock screen, you need to swipe right.

Access the Notification Center

Missed notifications and old notifications are accessible in the notification center in iOS 10. Touch the bezel that is at the top of the screen and then swipe down. Notifications are displayed by day by simply scrolling down. A swipe to the right when viewing notifications will take you to the Today View.

Access the Control Center

The control center for the iPhone 7 and other devices with iOS 10 has a new look. You will need to make a swipe up from the bottom of the screen to display the Control Center from the iOS lock screen.

Change Auto-Lock Interval

Accessing iOS 10 auto lock is slightly different from previous iOS versions. Click the Settings icon and then select the option for Display and Brightness. You can then choose the time interval desired.

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